You’ve arrived at the right place for dental implants in Bayonne, NJ if you’re missing one or more teeth and want to smile again with increased confidence. Dr. Alter, a recognized dental implant specialist, and our dental hygienist are delighted to help with dental implants replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants that look and feel natural.


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At Alter Smiles in Bayonne, NJ, we offer high-quality dental implants to enhance our patients’ oral health and smile. Our Bayonne dental practice has dental implant experts capable of improving our patients’ overall health and helping them restore the confidence associated with a well functional smile that feels good and looks natural. Dental implants implemented by our dental implant specialist may be what you need; we urge you to contact us to arrange an initial consultation and find out more about your dental implant process.


An accident or dental-related illness may cause teeth loss, and having an imperfect smile can damage your overall confidence and create problems with your oral health. The remaining teeth can move without replacing a missing tooth, and the bone can begin to regress. To replace a missing tooth, dental implants may be used to allow patients to enjoy the completely active lives they deserve.


Dental implants are stable and permanent because they don’t rely on surrounding teeth for support. They’re the ideal tooth replacement procedure because they have the look and feel of natural teeth. Furthermore, research has shown that dental implants usually have a 95% success rate in most cases.


For patients who are not able to wear dentures, dental implants are perfect. Usually, the dentist may inject the implant straight into the jawbone to maintain permanently cemented bridges. Dental implants can be derived from various origins of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials compatible with body tissue. As the implant is surgically anchored to the jawbone, it fuses with the living bone in a process known as “osseointegration.” When your mouth heals, typically within three to six months, the doctor can place a permanent crown over the post to finish the reconstruction of your teeth.


Do I really need to replace one tooth?
The gap created by a missing tooth can significantly affect your smile’s quality, and it can also make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Likewise, one missing tooth can impair your oral health by causing other oral health issues. A missing tooth can be replaced with dental implants or an entire mouthful, thus restoring your health and confident smile.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?
For successful implant placement, you need to be in good overall health, have good dental health, and sufficient bone structure. Your dentist will perform a full evaluation to see if dental implants would fit your personal situation.

How do I care for my dental implants?
It’s essential to take care of your implants as you would of your natural teeth. Brushing at least twice daily, regular flossing, and routine dental checkups will help. If you follow these steps, it will improve your smile and make for successful implant therapy.

What are implant-supported dentures?
If you’ve not been penciled down for dental implants to replace all your teeth, your dentist might suggest implant-supported dentures, which will create a more stable situation with your dental device. Using implant fortified dentures, a few titanium bars are placed in your jawbone to enable the denture to attach on to the implants, thus reducing slippage and enhancing comfort.

How much do dental implants cost?
Since every case is unique, estimating the cost of implants is impossible until you see your dentist. After a comprehensive examination, your doctor will explain the diagnosis and evaluate available treatment options, including the cost of the implants.

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