VELScope® Oral Cancer Screening

VELSCOPE® is a noninvasive oral cancer screening device used in early detection of oral cancer among adults during routine oral examinations.

Head and neck cancers, including oral cancer, cancer of the larynx, and cancer of the pharynx, are the sixth most common type of cancer. This rate has remained very high and relatively constant in recent decades. Currently, we already have some additional tests available as adjuncts to the oral examination.

The treatment of oral cancer often produces major changes in speech, chewing, swallowing and oral health. In addition to the disease itself, these changes affect the social life and self-esteem of the affected person. VELSCOPE® is useful in confirming the presence of oral leukoplakia and erythroplakia and other oral mucosal disorders.

We play a vital role in patients’ oral and overall health. Integration of the adjuncts discussed here can help detect hidden lesions before they have the chance to progress, and this will improve patients’ chances of living healthy lives. The detection of this disease in its early stages constitutes an important facet of prevention and is the key to survival.