What You Need To Know About Teeth Bleaching

Posted by Admin on Friday, April 19th, 2019 in Teeth Whitening - Teeth Bleaching

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Your teeth are perfectly aligned, and you’ve gone to great lengths to preserve their splendor and maintain your oral hygiene over the years—shouldn’t your starling smile reflect that? Teeth bleaching, or otherwise referred to as teeth whitening, can revitalize your beautiful smile and bring you the confidence you’ve earned.

How Does Teeth Bleaching Work?

Teeth bleaching isn’t an overly-complicated process. You’ve all seen the at-home products that allow you to have “One hour whiter smiles,” but they don’t retain the same grade of excellence that your dentist can provide. The process is different, and a bit more thorough, but ultimately more effective.

There are two types of bleaching methods available: hydrogen peroxide use, or carbamide peroxide. Each provide similar results, and are chosen by your dentist for their preference, and what fits your specific teeth whitening needs most.

Does It Hurt?

The process is painless, but if you’re not careful with extreme hot or extreme cold for a few days post-whitening, you’ll feel little jolts of sensitivity. If you’re used to drinking hot coffee in the morning, try switching to room temperature water for one to three days to avoid any problems. In a short amount of time, you’ll be able to return to the foods and beverages you love.

Why Is It Recommended To Get My Teeth Bleached In-Office?

At-home kits are usually marketed for those who want quick results, but if you’re not careful when applying them, you can make your gums more sensitive, and ultimately damage them if you’re not careful. Improperly using at-home kits can be unsafe. Apart from that, the grade of material used in-office is stronger, and leaves longer-lasting results. You’re not advised to refrain from hot and cold foods after using at-home kits—that’s because they’re scratching the surface, and not doing what in-office bleaching does—break down stains into smaller pieces, making your teeth appear visibly whiter and brighter.

Is It Right for Me?

Depending on your current oral hygiene, it may not be suitable to use teeth whitening techniques. Your dentist will better be able to assess your specific needs, and determine if bleaching is right for you.

Now, you know all about teeth bleaching and you want to know how you can have it done to improve the look of your smile. Contact Alter Smiles for teeth bleaching in Bayonne, NJ at 201-339-6604.