Should I Buy an Electric Toothbrush?

Posted by Admin on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 in Oral Tips

You’ve seen commercials, or maybe you know someone with an electric toothbrush. They told you it’s the best thing that they’ve ever done for their oral health. The question you have now is whether it’s what you should use for your oral hygiene. Discover the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush at home and find out if it would be a useful addition to your dental health.

The Pros and Cons of an Electric Toothbrush?

Before going out and buying the best electric toothbrush you can find, understand what the pros and cons of using this kind of a device for your oral health are.


You get a deeper clean. When using an electric toothbrush versus a traditional one, you have a head and bristles on that rotate, vibrate, and shake around in your mouth. It more easily breaks up plaque and gets into those hard to reach areas to give you a thorough yet gentle brushing experience.

It is easier for some patients to use. Those that have problems with movement benefit significantly from electric toothbrushes, because they don’t have to do much of the actual brushing.

Kids love them. If you have children at home, an electric toothbrush will often get them excited about brushing. Some of them even have lights and music to add to the fun.

You brush for the correct amount of time. Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 120 seconds twice a day. If you aren’t watching the clock, there’s a chance you’re going to stop before the two minutes is up. Electric toothbrushes often come with timers, so you know exactly how long you have been working on your oral hygiene.


Electric toothbrushes cost more. These aren’t nearly as expensive as what they used to be, but they still cost more than a traditional toothbrush.

You might break it. When your old toothbrush drops on the floor, you pick it up, rinse it off, and move on with your day. If you drop an electric toothbrush, you might be picking it up in pieces.

Proper Use of an Electric Toothbrush

The most important idea that you want to remember is to let the brush do the work for you. Think of your mouth as four separate sections that you spend 30 seconds on each: top right, bottom right, top left, and bottom left. Hold the brush at a 45 -degree angle along the gumline and front of the teeth and then do the back. Lastly, brush over the biting surface before moving on to the next tooth. If you need help with getting the proper brushing technique down, the professionals at your dentist office can assist you.

Get Recommendations at Your Regular Checkup

Get in touch with your local Bayonne, NJ dentist today to schedule your dental health appointment. During your six-month cleaning and checkup, ask your dentist what the best electric toothbrush would be for you. He or she can give you all the details and recommend whether you should use an electric toothbrush at home.