Invisalign In Bayonne, NJ For Teens

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 in Invisalign

Are you wondering about Invisalign in Bayonne? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Alter Smiles has a team of experts in Invisalign and they would be more than happy to help you.

About Invisalign for Teens

When you talk to your teens about straightening their teeth, it’s a touchy subject all around. They always assume it’s going to lead to braces. It’s a tough time in their life with their confidence, with their image, and it’s the last thing they want. That’s why Invisalign is the very best alternative.

Not only do they not have to worry about their confidence, but there are so many more benefits that teens can enjoy when they get Invisalign in Bayonne. With Invisalign comes a certain air of freedom; you don’t have to in for adjustments on your braces and endure the same level of stress on their teeth.

Braces come with increased risk for cavities. When food particles and bacteria harbor beneath the gear, it can causes problems. With Invisalign, when you take out the piece for meals, you can brush, floss, use mouthwash and replace the piece with ease.

More Perks to Invisalign For Teens

There’s more than one dimension to the benefits surrounding Invisalign for teens.

  • There’s no dietary restrictions like you will encounter with traditional braces.
  • These are virtually invisible, so your teen can still smile confidently.
  • No injuries related to wires and broken gear.

Are Braces More Effective At Straightening Teeth?

You can get the exact same effect from both. In some instances, braces can be quicker, but when you’re in your teenage years, it’s not about getting it done faster, it’s about making sure nobody sees that you have them. It’s an enormous confidence boost to not need metal braces, and in most cases, teens would prefer Invisalign to traditional braces. They both boast the same effectivity, it comes down to preference.

Which Option is More Expensive?

In almost every case, Invisalign comes down to about the same cost as traditional braces, which is another area where preference comes into play.

Invisalign in Bayonne, NJ with Alter Smiles

At Alter Smiles, we’ve been putting in both traditional braces as well as Invisalign products in teens and adults for years. Straightening your teeth is something that needs to be done with precision and certainty; there’s no better option than Alter Smiles to get the treatment you want, and the end results that you deserve.

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