Signs That Tell You That You Have a Dental Emergency

Posted by Admin on Monday, June 11th, 2018 in Dental Emergency

It happens to us all: we suddenly have a pain in one or more of our teeth and begin debating whether to call a dentist and whether the pain constitutes an emergency. Maybe you woke up in the morning with such intense tooth pain that pain medication won’t help. Or maybe you were playing catch in the backyard, missed the catch, and chipped a tooth. Either way there are scenarios where it is a good idea to immediately contact an emergency dentist in Bayonne.

But what are those scenarios? When should you call your dentist for an emergency? As it turns out, there are some simple rules to remember that can help you make the decision whether you need to call your dentist for an emergency.

The most overarching thing that you should consider is the pain level. If the pain is so intense that regular painkillers — Tylenol and the like — are just not helping, you should consider calling your dentist for an emergency appointment. Pain is the body’s method of letting you know that something is seriously wrong: the more intense the pain, the more serious the problem. Therefore, if the pain is pretty serious, call an emergency dentist in Bayonne as there may be something wrong that needs to be fixed immediately before more damage is done.

Which leads to the second thing to consider: if, after quickly examining your teeth, you seem to see something that could lead you to suspect that further damage may be done, call your dentist. If there is an open wound in the gums or the teeth, understand that bacteria could enter that wound and cause serious problems to not just your oral health but to your health in general. More often than not, the pain will alert you to a specific area, which you should check and if anything there concerns you, call your dentist.

Contact Beautiful Smiles of Bayonne for an Emergency Dentist in Bayonne

Dental emergencies are nothing to ignore or put off for another day. The pain and risk for further injury should drive you to call a dentist. If you are in the Bayonne, NJ area and think that you have a dental emergency, contact Beautiful Smiles of Bayonne, where Drs. Jordan Alter and Alissa Selevan can help you through dental emergencies, be they emergency extractions or any cosmetic dentistry procedures.