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The Importance of Dental Screenings for Overall Dental Health

Have you had a routine dental screening done by your family dentist lately? Dental screenings are essential in maintaining your overall dental health. Read on to learn more about dental screenings and how they can affect your overall dental health.  What are Dental Screenings and Why do I Need Them? Dental screenings are when your […]

Take Control of Your Oral Health with Regular Dental Checkups

While there are many reasons adults avoid the dentist, there are many more why it is important for you to maintain your routine dental screenings. Preventive care is one of the key factors in keeping your mouth healthy and problem free. With oral hygiene affecting more than just your mouth’s health, here is a look […]

Should I Buy an Electric Toothbrush?

You’ve seen commercials, or maybe you know someone with an electric toothbrush. They told you it’s the best thing that they’ve ever done for their oral health. The question you have now is whether it’s what you should use for your oral hygiene. Discover the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush at home […]

How to Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities in Adults?

Adults seem to have a greater risk when it comes to tooth decay and cavities. Much of that seems to be caused by not having a good oral hygiene routine. When you think of oral hygiene you think of going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned, but there are many other ways to […]

What is the Best Toothbrush?

Have you seen your dentist lately? Forgoing those regular dental exams and cleanings by your dentist is essential to your oral health. Why is this? Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can prevent gum disease and those pesky cavities from ruining your bright smile!   Types of Toothbrushes What is the best toothbrush for […]

Dental Fillings in Bayonne

Do you have a pain in your teeth? Have you had pain in your teeth before, went into the dentist, and found out that you need a dental filling? How do you know if you need dental fillings now? If you are looking for information on dental fillings in Bayonne, look no further! A dental […]

5 Oral Care Tips from a Bayonne NJ Dentist

Your dental care can’t be put on the back burner. Learn the tips and tricks from your Bayonne, NJ dentist to keep your smile looking beautiful, and your oral hygiene in prime quality. Avoid Acidic Foods Sugar is often ostracized as the main negative food for your teeth (more on this later), but in reality […]