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Posted by Admin on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 in Dental Implants

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Do you regularly visit your dentist? If you don’t get the proper oral health care provided by your family dentist, you could be susceptible to tooth damage or other oral health issues. However, all is not lost if you find yourself in such a predicament. Read on to learn how dental implants can change your life for the better.

What are Dental Implants?

Has your dentist explained what dental implants are? They are artificial teeth that will look and work like natural teeth. If you are suffering from missing or damaged teeth, then this procedure might be for you. Of course, your dentist will have to examine your mouth thoroughly to see if you are eligible for this type of oral surgery. 

Your dentist will surgically implant titanium posts into your jawbone. This process can take a few months for your jawbone to heal around the screw they insert. Only after it’s fully healed can your dentist proceed by putting the artificial tooth on the posts. 

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Do you think you should get dental implants? Wanting to get dental implants isn’t as simple as it seems. When you visit a dentist in Bayonne, they will examine your teeth and gums to examine your bone density and quantity. Your jawbone has to be strong enough to endure the surgical procedure. 

However, you should be prepared for any other complications that might arise after the post is inserted into your jawbone. When it doesn’t heal correctly, your dentist will have to redo the procedure again if your jawbone can take it. This could mean more time than you initially expected. After the procedure, you should follow each step of the recovery process, because you don’t want an infection to occur. 

It all might sound intimidating, but in the end, you will have the opportunity to eat those favorite meals once again. It can also make you feel like yourself again by smiling more. Having dental implants can gain your confidence back because these artificial teeth can imitate natural-looking teeth. This means you can smile at your friends and family without them knowing it’s dental implants. 

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Are you thinking of getting dental implants in Bayonne, NJ? If so, Beautiful Smiles of Bayonne is here for you! Dr. Alter and his team of professionals can be the answer to all your eating and other oral health struggles. Nobody wants to stop living their life being embarrassed about their smile or chewing food on your gums.  

Contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions you might have about dental implants. Don’t let your mouth fester with missing or broken teeth. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to see if you are eligible for dental implants.